School Vision & Values

In the Summer term 2016 parents and carers were asked via a survey to contribute to developing new vision and values. A focus group was held in the Autumn Term with Governors and the PTA and a subsequent survey was carried out with all stakeholders in Spring 2017.

All responses and comments were taken on board;the vast majority were in support of this vision and these values.

“Inspiring a love of learning to last a lifetime”

Our Aims
We believe our children learn best when:
• they are happy
• they are safe
• teaching and teachers are dedicated to children fulfilling their true potential
• they can develop their confidence and think for themselves
• parents, carers, teachers and the school work together
• the school environment is welcoming and inspiring

Our values:
We will encourage all children to:
• be happy
• be proud of who they are
• be kind
• be the best that they can be
In school, we will all demonstrate:
• Respect
• Determination
• Tolerance
• Independence
• Resilience
• Teamwork