Staffing List as of September 2017

Teaching Staff

Name Year Group Responsibilities
Mr T Hinkley Interim Headteacher Safeguarding
Mrs L Swan Nursery Music co-ordinator
Mrs A Potts  Reception PSHE Co-ordinator
Mrs F Wong Reception Phonics Co-ordinator
Mrs J Perry Year 1 SENCO
Miss R Mahay Year 1 Humanities and EVC Co-ordinator
Miss A Arshad Year 2 Joint DT/Art Co-ordinator
Mrs T Jellis Year 2 Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator, Science Co-ordinator
Mrs C Cotterill Year 3 Joint PE Co-ordinator
Mrs N Fellows Year 3 Joint PE Co-ordinator
Mrs R Bagotra Year 3 Joint DT/Art Co-ordinator
Miss E Laird Year 4 RE Co-ordinator
Miss K Nicol Year 4
Mr J Hitchin Year 5 ICT Co-ordinator
Mr R Holiday Year 5
Miss K Titley Year 6 Deputy Head Teacher, Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator, Assessment Co-ordinator, English
Miss A Eardly Year 6 Mathematics Coordinator
Mrs E Unwin Whole school Modern foreign languages teacher

Support staff

Name Year Group Role
Mrs S Elcock Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Sharma Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Butler Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Ghakal Reception Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Deighton Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Pocock Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss C Smith Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss R Edwards Year 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bott  Year 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Marsden Year 6 Teaching Assistant

School Bursar
Miss G. Ogden

Clerical Support

Mr T Bird

Breakfast and After School Club staff

Ruth Edwards – Manager

Barbara Deighton

Claire Brown

Louise Edwards


Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss C McEwan
Mrs H Earle-Morgan
Mrs L Bayliss
Miss J Ward
Miss L Bradley
Mrs J Edwards
Mrs M Sian
Mrs P Fradley
Mr A Bradley
Mrs L Watkiss
Mrs L Hickman