Woodthorne Primary Snow & Bad Weather School Closures Due to Poor Weather

The school normally remains open even in really bad weather. If conditions force the school not to open in the morning, we will update the home page of this website and ensure that the local radio stations, including Free Radio, are informed. We will also update the City Council website. You can visit http://www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/article/4221/School-closures/ for information on any Wolverhampton school closures.  We will also contact all parents via a text message.

If we are forced to close early due to circumstances beyond our control we will initially aim to contact all parents via a blanket text message and subsequently by other telephone numbers as required. It is therefore vital that we have your latest contact numbers. If you suspect that we may be forced to close early or want to check the current situation please check this website. In any situation staff will remain until parents can be contacted.

General Information

If the school does not plan to open in the morning how will I find out?

We will update this website and the City Council website. Local radio stations will broadcast a list of closed schools by checking the City Council website.

What happens if there is bad weather during the day and we are forced to close early?

This site will be updated as soon as the decision is made and a text message will be sent out notifying you of this.

How can I contact school during the day if I am worried about whether the school is about to close?

Normally school closures will be notified by the website and by a blanket text message to parents, but if you are worried please phone the main school number 01902 558544.

How will children be sent home if we do close early?

We will stay with children as long as it takes to ensure that they are safely released. If you send another person than yourself to collect your child, make sure that we know who is picking them up.