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At Woodthorne Primary school the happiness, safety and wellbeing of our pupils is at the centre of everything we do. In this rapidly changing digital world it is imperative that we prepare our pupils with the knowledge and skills to remain safe online. In order to achieve this, we provide our pupils, parents and staff with opportunities to learn and gather skills to support their own digital safety.

The school has worked closely other schools within our Trust to produce an in depth and comprehensive policy which is designed to cover all aspects of digital safety. Our Computing curriculum has been carefully planned to include a wide spectrum of digital safety skills. To support the pupils learning our school also provides pupils with opportunities to gather knowledge through other avenues, such as assemblies, games and competitions, raising the importance.

Every February all of our pupils participate in activities for Safer Internet Day (SID). As part of this the pupils participated in discussions and games and are set a project at home to reflect their knowledge of digital safety.

At Woodthorne Primary school we pride ourselves on the positive links we have with the parents of our pupils and endeavour to support them as much as we can. Therefore we hold digital safety workshops for all stakeholders at certain points throughout the year. By doing this we hope that the important messages we are sharing at school will be reflected by the parents at home.

Our school is a great supporter of CEOP (the police branch of digital safety). All of our pupils have been made familiar with this service and are continually reminded of ways in which they are able to report breaches in their digital safety.

For more information about how you can ensure your child is safe on the internet please see the attached document we sent out to all parents this year. You can also visit the websites listed below:








Online safety guide for parents

Remote Home Learning Agreement

Child Friendly e-safety policy

Trust Online Safety Policy July 2022