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Academic standards in reading, writing and mathematics have remained above average. Pupils say that they are happy, feel safe and are proud of their school. They also say that the school helps them to make the most of their abilities and to develop responsible attitudes.


  • Blouse – White or burgundy or white polo shirt with or without logo
  • Cardigan – Burgundy with or without logo
  • Pinafore –Grey           
  • Skirt – Grey
  • Socks – White
  • Shoes – Black
  • Tights – Grey

The leadership team has ensured that safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are detailed and of high quality.


  • Sweatshirt – Burgundy with or without logo
  • Shirt – White or burgundy or white polo shirt with or without logo
  • Trousers – Grey
  • Shoes – Black

Summer Optional

All pupils must wear white polo shirts.

Girls have the option to wear a burgundy and white checked dress and sandals.

Boys have the option to wear grey shorts.

It is essential that children wear suitable footwear for school that allows their feet adequate room and gives proper support and ventilation.  For this reason, please do not send children to school wearing fashion shoes or trainers.

In order to ensure adequate safety standards, particularly in organised games and physical education, children should not wear jewellery, especially earrings while at school.  Studs are allowed, but must be removed or covered over for PE and games.

Where to buy

All items can be purchased from Lads and Lasses, located on 50A Warstones Rd, Wolverhampton WV4 4LP.

Parents can also complete an order form which is available from the school office. 

Help us to avoid lost items….

It would be very helpful if each item of clothing is marked with the child’s name. This makes it easier to return any lost items to their owners.