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Geography at Woodthorne


Whole school definition

Geography is the study of places and the relationship between people and their environments.

Why study Geography?

Planet Earth is our home. Studying geography opens the door to both the natural and human world and acts as sources of inspiration, curiosity and fascination about the world that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.  


Geography at Woodthorne Rationale

The PKC Geography curriculum is knowledge rich. This means the knowledge children will gain has been carefully specified, ordered coherently and builds over time. As children work through our geography curriculum they will know more, understand more about the world around them. A good geographical understanding relies on firm foundations of knowledge and skills. The skills our curriculum develops, like the knowledge, are specified, ordered coherently and progress over time. This curriculum structure helps pupils to deepen their understanding of physical and human geographical processes, fostering curiosity and fascination for the world we live in.  Please see ‘Geography at Woodthorne’ section below for further information.



Geography at Woodthorne

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Subject Leader Bio

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Cultural Capital Development Opportunities
Early Years' link to Geography

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Geography Overview

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