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REligious Education at Woodthorne


Whole school definition

Religious Education (RE) aim is to develop children’s understanding of the world’s religions. Learning through different religions and their traditions, practices and beliefs.

Why study RE?

Children need to be able to interpret religious issues & evaluate their significance. To support with their own personal development & understanding of the spiritual, moral, social & cultural questions that surface again & again in their lives in a constantly changing world


RE at Woodthorne Rationale

At Woodthorne Primary School, we follow Wolverhampton’s agreed syllabus.  All children will acquire core knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of the religions and worldviews which not only shape their history and culture, but which guide their own development. The modern world needs young people who are sufficiently confident in their own beliefs and values that they can respect the religious and cultural differences of others and contribute to a cohesive and compassionate society.  We want our children to:

  • Provoke challenging questions
  • Guide their own development

Learning about religion and learning from religion are important for all pupils, as religious education (RE) helps pupils develop an understanding of themselves and others. RE promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of individuals and of groups and communities.


Subject Leader Bio

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Cultural Capital Development Opportunities

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RE Overview

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