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We are delighted to let you know that once again our fabulous cook, Dawn has been awarded a 5 star rating by the council environmental health – a perfect score with not a single issue raised on the report.

We realised on the back of this, that many parents may not know Dawn and the team so we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce them.

Dawn has been in the school for numerous years (I can’t say how many as that might give her age away as being over 21). She is loved by both children and staff. She makes a mean fish and chips too! Dawn is joined in the kitchen each day by Sandeep A, Sandeep K and Pawandeep.

Dawn has grown up children who attended Woodthorne so she knows what it is like to be a Woodthorne mum too. She does all she can to make the food here enjoyable for the children and adapts the menu to ensure the children always have the best possible meal to sustain their learning. She also helps with catering for in school events in her own time and supports with PTA events.

Dawn and her team are some of the wonderful unsung heroes of our Woodthorne team. Well done on your 5 stars!