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Woodthorne was all about numbers on Friday when the whole school took part in NSPCC number day. The staff and children dressed in numbers and took part in a day full of number activities. The highlight of the event was definitely the teachers v pupils maths quiz. One member of each class joined and took on the Woodthorne staff in a nail-biting competition which was dominated from start to finish by our wonderful pupils. Final score on the door was around 1200 points to the kids and a measly 800 to the staff. Mr Hinkley is still asking for a recount!

In other activities, the children did detective maths, sports maths, games, quizzes and competitions. It was a thoroughly fantastic Woodthorne day. Thanks to Miss Titley and all of the staff for their support in making such special memories for the children.

As well as all of the fun, we raised £241.30 for the NSPCC. Thank you for your kind donations.